Thursday, November 1

Another Towel Animal Folding Tip!

Sometimes if you put your towel animal on a smooth surface (like a marble countertop), it will slip, fall, and generally not look right!

We can't have that now can we?

Ok, here's what you do...Just put a hand towel underneath your towel animal!

That will give it some "traction" and make sure that it stays standing.

Gotta give credit to one of our "How To Make Towel Animals Video Vault" members Larry S. for that one.

Thanks Larry!

Saturday, July 14

How Towel Animals Can Help Bed & Breakfast Repeat Business

Ready for a fun and easy way to make your B&B stand out from the competition? You probably would never think that something so simple as a towel could actually make a difference in your bed and breakfast vacancy rate. But it's true. Folded towel animals (aka towel origami) have long been a staple on board popular cruise lines like Carnival and Royal Caribbean. Cabin stewards go through 10 days of training to learn how to make towel animals shaped like elephants, scorpions, puppies, monkey's, goats, and even peacocks.

How does this affect you as a Bed & Breakfast owner?

Why not borrow from a successful, and proven idea? Ask anyone who has recently returned from a cruise what they loved most. More than likely the answer will be the food and the towel animals.

Maybe it's because they are so cute, maybe because the idea is so unique, maybe it's because of all the different ways the cabin stewards have learned to display these cuddly creatures. But one thing is for sure, guests love them, and more importantly, they remember and talk about them. Even a modest search on the Internet on the words “towel animals” or “towel origami” will pull up lots of people who have had their pictures taken with their towel animals while on cruises.

Imagine how many people could be taking pictures of your bed & breakfast, mentioning your name, and telling their friends about the unexpected towel animals they got while staying with you. There is no reason why you can't copy this simple, and proven idea to keep your guests coming back over and over again.

Learn how to make towel animals for only $1.00 right here.


Monday, June 25

Towel Animal Stars In Latest Carnival Cruise Commercial

Have you seen the latest Carnival Cruise commercial?

“In the mornin', in the evenin', ain't we got fun?”...

Carnival is currently celebrating it's 35th year in operation and maintains it's status as the world's largest cruise operator.

But what's the big deal about their latest commercial?

Well, at the very end of the commercial a child is shown going to bed with a soft, cuddly....towel? That's right, a towel. But not your ordinary towel. A towel folded into the shape of a puppy!

It's been a long-standing treat on cruise lines to come back to your cabin and be greeted by one of these adorable towel animals (aka towel origami). As a matter of fact, after the food, it seems to be one of the most memorable parts of the trip.

Cabin stewards train for more than 10 hours to learn how to make towel animals. What animals can you learn to fold with towels? How about a swan, a turtle, a snail, an elephant, a scorpion, a puppy , or even a hanging monkey.

Carnival has had so much interest in their towel animal creations that they have published a book with over 35 different towel animals. You've got to buy it from the gift shop while on board the ship though.

For others who would like to make their own towel origami, but don't have the bucks to take a cruise, books are available at many online book retailers.

It's a great way to spice up a guest bedroom, make a bed & breakfast a little more inviting, or even boost tip income if you're a part of a hotel housekeeping staff.

So the next time you see Carnival's familiar “Ain't we got fun?” commercial, consider trying one of my 16 towel animal (aka towel origami) videos for only $1.00 to have your own fun!

Monday, May 7

Free Sample Towel Animal Video: Eddie The Elephant

Ready to start folding towels like a pro? Well grab your towel and let's go!

This is a sample of type of instruction you'll get with full access to my towel animal (towel origami) video vault.

Turn up your speakers and click "Play Video".

How was it? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Click here for more towel animals.


Tuesday, May 1

English Bulldog Towel Animal Preview

I know everyone has been on the edge of their seats wanting to see more videos of me making towel animals & sorry we had to pull the other one.

But I've got some good news...for the time being, we're going to release videos one at a time as we complete them for viewing and purchase online. We figured this was the quickest way to get the videos out to everyone while we finish the entire collection.

So...(drum roll please...) introducing...the English Bulldog! Isn't he cute?



Thursday, April 26

Ferocious Towel Animal Fans!

SORRY!!...We had to take down the Funny Bunny videos. We were getting too many people viewing them and it was causing problems.

Boy! You guys are serious about this towel animal thing.

If you aren't already on our notification list for more videos, go here and get on it in a hurry...


Thursday, April 19

How To Make The "Funny Bunny" Towel Animal

We've finally got some video to show everyone! This is an example of the type of instruction you'll get with the new DVD set. Isn't it awesome to have someone show you step-by-step?

Leave a comment and tell us whether this is exciting or what! :-)